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Global PLUS+1® Diagnostics



Plug and Perform remote connection to your PLUS+1® control system with PLUS+1® Service Tool.

Telematics solution for PLUS+1® Compliant ECU

The Proemion Global CAN Diagnostics solution for the Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool enables remote access to PLUS+1® compliant ECU in realtime – anywhere, anytime. With conventional diagnostic systems, such data is only available locally. The Global availability of diagnostic data not only facilitates error detection and prevention but also allows a timely response to critical values. Errors can be rectified without costly and time-intensive on-site repairs, and downtime is reduced or even avoided.



  • Remotely diagnose your machines

  • Prevent travel for machine troubleshooting

  • Direct integration in Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool

  • Additional features such as data logging available Perform over-the-air-updates (firmware and individual parameter)