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Remotely connect to your machine‘s CAN bus with the
Bosch Rexroth BODAS-service PC software.

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Our capabilities

Global access to your machines' can data

Instead of worrying about developing your own portal, you can instead use ours to deliver Telematics Services. All the functionality you need plus a few customization options are available, so you can quickly provide a branded user experience to anyone you want.

Fully brandable OEM web portal

The DataPortal is entirely online and 100% driven by our API. This means you can provide instant access to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Plus you never have to worry about outdated software, since the portal is accessed essentially like any other website.

End-to-end security from device to the portal

Use our powerful data tools to find the data set(s) you want quickly, then visualize or tabulate this data as you prefer. Expressing millions of raw data points into a single value takes only milliseconds thanks to our sophisticated data aggregation algorithms.

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  • Performance characteristics of the product

  • Technical characteristics of the product

  • List of ports and communication protocols

  • Electrical, operating, & other specifications

  • List of certifications

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