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Robust hardware for global data transfer

The new CANlink® mobile 3000 is a powerful connectivity unit enabling the global transmission of your machine's CAN data via the cellular network.


End-to-end Security by Design

All CANlink® mobile 3000 models are equipped with a TPM chip to establish a secure authentication and communication with the Proemion Data Platform. All data is encrypted with TLS version 1.2 to protect it from eavesdropping or manipulation. Firmware images are signed using specific, protected key pairs allowing secure FOTA updates of the CANlink® mobile or any 3rd party components on the CAN network. The security concepts have been verified by independent security experts, including code audits.


Designed for serial applications

The cost-optimized design makes the CANlink® mobile 3000 very attractive for large-scale serial applications. Moreover, custom OEM variants can be developed by Proemion to meet your exact needs.


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