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2019 White Paper on Telematics for Off-Highway OEMs

Proemion’s 2019 white paper on Telematics for Off-Highway OEMs provides you with insights about how modern telematics can drive financial performance, increase efficiency, and deliver real benefits to the end-users.

Also, this white paper explores what constitutes a state-of-the-art Telematics Solution, which features are critical to success. It summarizes the many benefits for the OEM and its customers derived from a modern Telematics Solution Provider.

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Benefits of Telematics

Reduce Costs

Utilize modern telematics to deliver cost savings. For example, learn how remote diagnostics in real-time dramatically reduces the time service personnel physically spend on site.

Generate Revenue

Open up new revenue generation opportunities and transform your OEM business model to generate recurring revenues by offering new service contracts based on actual machine usage.

Enhance Security

Boost security through smart theft protection workflows, apply preventative maintenance algorithms to your machine data, and perform remote ECU (Electronic Control Unit) updates to your fleet.

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