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Bosch Bodas Demo Video

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Bosch Bodas Service Tool

Direkte Integration in Bosch Bodas Service Tool

Bosch Rexroth und Proemion haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um das Bosch Bodas Service Tool durch eine Remote Funktion zu erweitern. This feature allows Bosch Rexroth controller users to use their familiar service tool to do their job remotely from anywhere at any time. All features are available as they would be used with a wired connection on site such as reading and writing parameters to the controllers or even doing complete firmware updates (FOTA).


Erweiterung um eine Remote Diagnose 

The remote diagnostics feature can be integrated into any existing CAN-based service tool. Proemion provides all tools and services to get you started. To learn more ask a Proemion sales manager for a proof of concept with your own CAN-based service tool.


Einfache Nutzung - Spart Zeit und Kosten

With the direct integration of a remote diagnostics service into your existing CAN-based service tool your support department can be optimzed easily. More support cases can be closed in shorter time preventing up to 50% of them to be served on site. This feature prevents a lot of travelling saving time and money.